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Hot. Cool. All Green: Solar AC DC Split System 

MLEC Group, continuing to lead the way in working with cutting-edge technology and solar systems, are especially proud to partner up with Deye, makers of a unique and completely solar powered split system unit. 


Invented and developed by an Australian, the Deye system was specifically designed for Australian conditions and to run solely from solar power. This ground-breaking system allows customers to run it entirely from energy generated by its panels.  


The Deye system will turn on automatically in the morning when the panels are producing enough power and switches itself off at night as the sun sets, enabling you to run the system all day at zero cost. 

Significant Features Include:

  • The DEYE system is 100% DC Solar powered - no electronic inverter and no utility company authority required. 


  • The system uses a non-flammable and eco-friendly R410 refrigerant gas, compared with the widely used and potentially flammable R32 gas.  


  • The system utilises a brushless DC motor in both indoor and outdoor units, ensuring extremely quiet operating levels.  


  • System operated via infrared remote control and/or responsive smartphone app. 


  • Troubleshooting and general personalised system advice from Australian inventor and developer - Rob Miravet - 


Another great aspect of the Deye system is it comes equipped with a AC limiter - a world first in intuitive design functionality - controlling how much electricity it uses at any given time, enabling zero cost during the day and very low cost during the night. 


With no inverter required, the Deye system runs entirely from a DC current, meaning it can run completely off grid. It also comes equipped with a built-in consumption meter, allowing customers to have full transparency on what the unit draws from the grid, if required. 


Another great aspect of this unique unit is that it cannot only be controlled by a remote - but via an app on your phone, allowing you to control your home or business’ temperature wherever you may be located. 

Is it the DEYE Solar Air Conditioner System safe? 

Yes, each unit is constructed and operates with optimum safety. Each DEYE system is manufactured with anti-corrosion technology, giving greater corrosion resistance for both outdoor and indoor units. Each system also utilises non-flammable and eco-friendly R410 refrigerant gas for your safety. 

Does the DEYE Air conditioning System provide heating? 

Yes, the DEYE Hybrid AC/DC system operates both as a heating and cooling system, with a wide operating temperature range between -10 degrees and +58 degrees Celsius – all controlled by an infrared remote control and/or smartphone app. 

Can I install either an Interior or Exterior DEYE unit? 

Yes, DEYE manufactures both a DC Powered Indoor unit and an AC/DC Hybrid Outdoor unit. Our indoor units use direct DC solar power, so there is no loss associated with converting DC power to AC like standard air conditioners. Regarding the outdoor units, they run primarily on solar power and only use small amounts of grid power as needed. 

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